Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ride On This Magic Carpet!

No, I'm not about to break out with an Aladdin song.  We got our carpet in!

Carpet isn't really a before-and-after thing.  Every overall shot shows a nice even carpet in all the rooms, so you can't really tell why we'd replace it.  The downstairs was okay (except for the murder stains and/or blood-red paint dotting the carpet), if a little...I dunno.  The color was just meh.  It didn't match the paint I put on it, but it similarly didn't not match (thank god we didn't have cranberry colored carpets or anything).  Picture of before?  Yes.

We chose a slightly darker, warmer, richer color for our bedroom.  It's not a remarkable change, but it overall fits in the room so much better.  :)  Wanna see?

Blurry McBlur pic!  Yeesh.  Here is a pic of the closet, which you can tell the color more:

It's such an inviting color.  I can already imagine how gorgeous the finished product will be once we have furniture and a new (read: matching) bedspread set in the room.  :)

For those that care, here's a close up (before and after) of the carpet colors:



It also looks great next to the bathroom tile!  Here's the doorway between the master bath and the master bedroom:

The upstairs looks great too!  We chose a lighter shade than we did for the master bedroom, but the same carpet brand and quality.  We mostly just needed an update to the upstairs bedrooms because it was clear that there used to be kids up there.  The old carpet had old candy stuck into it, paint stains, and random black stains in both rooms.  Additionally, it was clear that they had added carpets to the rooms but not the hallways, because there was a visible cut at the doorway lines that I always hate.  Now?

Guest bedroom
Hallway (clearly)
It's a marginally darker color than it used to be, but it's such a seamless finish now (no more carpet cut marks!) and it's softer and better quality than the old stuff.

So...it's over!  No more renovators coming over!  Now it's back in our hands. 

First up on the list?  Move everything back in the rooms, and clean the insides of the kitchen cabinets and pantry (the silica dust seeped in), put down some liner, and start unpacking!  I'm anxious to start actually cooking again, and using real plates and glasses and silverware. 

Then it's a long list of stuff to do after that.  I imagine we'll be taking it slower, since these last seven weeks have been a flurry of do-do-do.  We've been really enjoying just coming home after work and cuddling up with a movie.  :)


Lori said...

I bet it smells gooooooood!!! It looks great!!

Jessica said...

Your house looks like a house! Now you can sell it for more! Ready to move yet?

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