Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preparing for the Weekend

Clearly, this upcoming weekend is going to be a long one. Not in the "UGH MAKE IT STOP!" way, but in the "I get three days off" way, which, IMO, is way better.  Even more awesome is that I will most likely actually get to enjoy it, since times are slower at work and I won't be hounded all weekend by people wanting to do work stuff.  I hope they're all drunk or on vacation this weekend.  :)

This is good because that means I have three whole days to tackle the house! There is a growing (and growing) list of items that need to be completed:

  • unpack the kitchen (so that one room in the house can be nearly complete...and we can actually eat on real plates)
  • paint the two doors for the downstairs (so we can have actual doors that are complete that lead us to the bathroom, rather than doors that are haphazardly laid against the doorframe and falling apart)
  • install aforementioned doors and put on handles (so we don't have to walk through the powder room to get to the bathroom, and can actually enjoy our new dual-sink-awesomeness)
  • belt sand and paint the upstairs bedroom ceilings (so we can finally move the mattress upstairs and make a real semblance of a guest bedroom)
  • move all the upstairs stuff upstairs
  • Organize the bathroom stuff (right now we're using bathroom stuff out of plastic bags and boxes.  It's not that awesome)
  • Organize the closet (again, because Husband had to remove everything to have the carpet put in and then forgot where everything went)
  • Try very hard not to buy stuff for the house that we desperately need
  • Clean
  • Clean
  • Clean
This is all the stuff I want to do just this weekend.  But what I really want to do is go have a triple-feature at the movie theater and then laze about the rest of the weekend.  But alas, no.  We have done that all week and cannot do this anymore.  We have got to tackle this house.

The great feeling is that it's gorgeous.  The house is already starting to just be amazing.  There's just so much more to do and it all feels very overwhelming at times, particularly when I wish I was much richer than I presently am.

SO...what are you planning for July 4h?


Lori said... 2 days...have a triple-movie day for one day!

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