Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fridges and Fringes

Thursday, I put a second coat of ceiling paint on the trim and the interiors of the windows after work.  Friday was Fridge Installation Day, so I rushed home after work to meet husband, who was continuing to demolish the formerly-known-as-bathtub. See his handwork:

Welcome to Mold Town: Population 3,982,213,103,492 mold spores.
I worked on (finally!) finishing up the bedroom trim so we could (finally!) move in officially.  When I heard the doorbell ring, I resisted my childlike urge to run screaming into the living room to see my new toy.  I fought it like four times, y’all.  I wanted to wait and see it installed for the full effect.  But somehow the bedroom trim got taped and painted (first coat) extremely quickly for some reason…dunno how that happened.

PS, do not do what I did.  I saw that the McLazies had blatantly painted the red paint over the baseboards, so I didn’t bother trying to tape them.  But what I ended up getting was this look:

Painting Fail
Not hot.  The first coat of trim wasn’t exactly providing coverage, ifyouknowwhatimean.  Lesson learned. 

I also discovered that either a) someone was brutally murdered in the master bedroom or, b) the McLazies didn’t bother to put down drop cloths down when they painted.  I’ll let you decide:

I suspect the red room was a cover-up for the blood stains.
So anyway, 35 minutes and first coat of trim paint later, I calmly walked (read: bounced, jogged, skipped) into the kitchen to see….

Not installed, sir.  While I like this angle on my husband, it was not the finished product I was expecting to see.  Reason for delay?  The fridge was just a titch too large.  Husband’s strategy was to remove the baseboards from this area.  The baseboards I was painting (twice) when I met Mr. Fiddles.  The baseboards that I angrily cursed the names of the McLazies for splattering magenta paint all over, and that I subsequently made gorgeous with my awesome painting skills.  Gone. 

Before (homage to Mr. Fiddles and the box which previously held him)
No more baseboards!

My sadness was short-lived when I got to see this:

You are not in some surreal dream.  That's a double-drawer of freezer goodness.

Husband, after seeing my reversion to a twirling six-year-old girl in the kitchen, pondered that perhaps he should have purchased me a French-door fridge instead of a muscle car for my engagement present.  Being a true pragmatist, I should have suggested the wiseness of purchasing both to ensure I would agree to the marital arrangement.  He was lucky that I was so wooed by him at the time that I agreed to only the muscle-car-of-awesome. 

Anyway.  Here is me next to my newest present.  

Welcome to another episode of The Price is Right.
 And it totally WAS right!!  Better than right.  I love my husband.

Before we left for the night (I was exhausted, y'all.), I was made aware of one more awesome addition to our home:

Ain't it adorable?!
 We have outdoor lighting now!  And it's really bright-awesome.  It apparently goes around the sides of the house too, so take that, would-be intruders!


Jessica said...

The only angle of your husband that would ever even hint to the fact that he might have a butt. :P

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