Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aaaand we're back!

So, for all my (one) fans who weren’t already friends when this page was created, you may be wondering where the heck I went. 

I explain it all in detail on my non-renovation blog, but suffice to say: Broken collarbones requiring plates are not conducive to expedient home renovation.

For months, I couldn’t do anything as physical as painting, unless I wanted to use my off-hand and potentially mess up an otherwise perfect cut-in (which I DID NOT, thankyouverymuch).  Landscaping was the other big To Do on our list, but that was definitely not an option for many months.  When I started to be able to physically renovate again, I just plain didn’t want to.  Laziness was a warm, soft blanket and I cuddled the crap out of it.

But then, common sense set in.  We had to get the painting done, and we had to get the landscaping done.  Then…it might be ready to be flipped!  And we wanted to flip it by the end of the year, so we needed to get moving.

So, we’re firing up the renovations and, thusly, firing up the blog again!  And there is much to update.  So many new posts for the future!  It’s very exciting to be rounding the bend to finishing renovation on a house.  I really hope whoever buys it enjoys it as much as (or more than) we did!  It’s a cute lil’ thing.

So first up: Saturday Landscaping! 

But first, a question for you all:  After we had our realtor come over to see what she thought of the changes, she also tacked on that it might be a good idea to redo the kitchen cabinets (but she was waffling on the necessity of doing it).  I’m personally going to wait until we get the master bath cabinets built, use the Rust-O-Leum Cabinet Transformation, and see how I like it.  If it’s easy and cheap enough, I’ll probably do it, because then it would be a completely redone kitchen.  :)  If it is a pain in the butt, they can stay the way they are.  :)  Have you had any positive or negative experiences with Rust-O-Leum?