Monday, June 13, 2011

All You Need is Caulk

So, let's revisit this weekend, shall we?

1) Rip up all of the rest of the mortal/tile adhesive from the floors  This was completed last night at 1am by husband.  Thankfully, he completely took over jackhammer duty and got it into his head that he would complete the kitchen last night.  And he did!  His taking-over meant I could get a lot of the other oops-I-forgot-to-put-that-on-the-list things done (see items 8 - 10)

2) Husband has to finish hardie-backing and sheetrocking the shower - On the to-do list.  It has to get done by Tuesday night

3) Husband has to build a makeshift cabinet to house the new granite that will go in the master bath, since we're not using the one that's presently in there - Incomplete.  He's gonna have to get it done today!

4) We have to rip off all the countertops in the kitchen and in all the bathrooms - Well, the master bath main area had the countertop ripped off.  Does that count?  Husband says this is a very fast process.

Minus old countertop and old sink!  Soon to be home to new granite countertops and cabinets!
5) We have to haul away all the tile and tile debris that is currently in my way This was completed yesterday, thanks to our lovely friend Ray who continues to provide us with his muscle.  His reward was getting to drive husband's newly-amazing 1968 Firebird, so I think it was an even trade.

6) We have to fix the leak in the upstairs bathroom that is causing husband to not be able to complete item 2 above. - Done!  (Hopefully.  Gulp.)  Apparently all it needed was a little caulk.  Now he can work on item 2...sometime in the midst of everything else.

7) We are receiving a (supposedly-free) washer and dryer on Saturday from a very magnanimous friend, which we will have to clear space for, go get, transport back to our place, and install - This was moved to Wednesday.  We are coming perilously close to having no clean clothes.


Also on the to-do list that I forgot about when I made my original to-do list:

8) paint the other upstairs bedroom (the official "guest bedroom") in time for the family to arrive Thursday Done!  Thanks to Ashley who helped me knock this out!  (I still have the door and trim to paint, but given the other tasks on our plate, the family's gonna have to do without the freshly-painted whiteness!

As usual, it totally comes out less the Hazy Sage it really is, and more a khaki.
9) belt-sand the walls in the powder room portion of the master bath before the granite is installed  Done!  You totally cannot tell, but it looks waaay better.

Goodbye, cruel texture.

10) belt-sand the ceilings of both portions of the master bath before the granite is installed - partially done.  I got the powder room finished and about 20 percent of the main portion of the master bath (where the granite will actually be) before both belts fell apart.  Apparently they don't like sanding stalactites off ceilings.  Sigh.  Must purchase more tonight! 

You cannot tell how different the height (or lack thereof) of the ceilings until I paint, which I'm hoping to do tonight if I can get the belt sander working again.  If not, I'll have to use the less-efficient ceiling texture scraper.  Sigh.

In other news, post-tile-destruction, our entire downstairs is covered in dust.  As in, every available surface.  This was what it looked like last night while Husband was working. 

We're going to have to power-wash the entire inside of the house.  Can you do that?

Anyway, now I have to go hunting for a new stainless-steel dishwasher and kitchen faucet.  Yay shopping!


Lori said...

The family will have to do without what??? lol

We will just be glad to be there and see you and the wonderful masterpiece of the house!!!

Not clear...will there be a washer/dryer when we are there Sunday?? Barbi was asking. I told her we could just use the hotel.

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