Friday, June 10, 2011

News, News, News

We got the official word back from the renovator peeps - granite countertops are being installed Tuesday, and the tile is going in Wednesday!  Yay!  Just in time for my family to come into town Thursday and see the updates.  Whoot whoot!

Well, this is an initial "Whoot", but when you see the itemized list of what we have to do by Monday night, it gets a little daunting:

1) Rip up all of the rest of the mortal/tile adhesive from the floors (this is only about 50% complete, and it takes forever and drains the body - plus I discovered that tile destruction creates silicia dust and I was just Breathey-McBreathesALot of said dust all day Sunday and Monday.  It was only because I literally could not breathe last night that husband was like, 'Uh, you're supposed to be wearing a silicia-rated facemask.  Or, at minimum, a disposable one."  So, apparently, this didn't really suffice:

Makeshift Mask - Fail
We drudged up a disposable one but, after like two hours of me working on it last night, he came in while I was working and we had this conversation:

Husband: "You know I should probably get you some ear muffs to protect your ears, and some safety goggles too."

Me:  "You are just coming to this conclusion now?  Plus, you never brought this stuff home when you thought you were going to be doing the tile destruction, but now that I am doing it, suddenly you're all worried?"

Husband:  "Yes."

Me:  "So you are immune to silica poisoning and ear damage and tile debris in your eye, but I'm not..."

Husband:  "Well, I have the reflexes of a panther, so...yeah."

Me:  "We're done here."

Apparently he's still getting the stuff for me anyway, so I have the necessary tools to not kill myself over the weekend.

2) Husband has to finish hardie-backing and sheetrocking the shower
3) Husband has to build a makeshift cabinet to house the new granite that will go in the master bath, since we're not using the one that's presently in there
4) We have to rip off all the countertops in the kitchen and in all the bathrooms
5) We have to haul away all the tile and tile debris that is currently in my way
6) We have to fix the leak in the upstairs bathroom that is causing husband to not be able to complete item 2 above.  Sigh.
7) We are receiving a (supposedly-free) washer and dryer on Saturday from a very magnanimous friend, which we will have to clear space for, go get, transport back to our place, and install sometime in the midst of items 1-6 above.

Complicating all of this is the lovely news that I have to go get a tetanus shot this afternoon.  Apparently stepping on rusty nails that used to have a home in dark wood where there is no oxygen is not a good combination, especially when I haven't had a tetanus booster in well over ten years.  Winning.  Plus, there is the following equation to consider:

Much Home Renovation + High Chance of More Rusty Nails + Moderate to High Clumsiness Level of Mrs. Clark + Mrs. Clark's Irrepressible Hate of Proper Shoes = High Chance of Tetanus Exposure

So, shot.  But from my (ancient) memories of the DPT booster, plus recent horror stories, it's apparently a very unpleasant booster unless you're like, constantly moving your arm.  So...let's hope the renovations are not slowed down by my inability to use my arm.  Fingers crossed!  (Except not mine, because I have trigger finger.  Sigh.)


Lori said...

This is my favorite blog, so far. "we're done here" and "reflexes of a panther" and us rolling on the floor with laughter and even more excited to see youz next week!!!! LOVE the bandit look!! ...and you!!!

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine your reaction to a reflexes of a panther comment. It you were holding a paintbrush, the speaker would need metho to get paint off their face.

Jessica said...

I so see him saying that. You need to make him a shirt saying "Panther Lungs." I'd love to see his lungs jump out of the way of silica dust.

Mrs. Clark said...

Oh ladies, you know me so well.

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