Monday, May 30, 2011

Fan the Flames

So while I didn't end up working this weekend (thankfully, nothing came up!  Whoo!), our visitors from out of town made it impossible to do any housework.  Even after they took off, we lazed about because we were exhausted from the Go-Go-Go of the weekend, so the only real work we did was install our new fan in the master bedroom.  This is the before:


This (as always) was more difficult than just removing the old and installing the new, and I will itemize the reasons:

1) The original fan was not installed in the middle of the ceiling.  In fact, it was installed two inches diagonal to the center of the room, so it was doubly-off-center.  Why?  There was a patched spot where it clearly used to be (in the center).  There was also another brown spot where it looks like they originally tried to install it, then said "eff it".

The large brown spot is where it used to be.

2) Because of these random patches, husband decided to go trolling through the attic to determine why it was installed there (was there a stud missing?  Was there an electrical box issue?  Was there an AC unit in the way?  Were the previous owners frightened by a squirrel that was presently occupying the space where it needed to be installed?).  The answer was no.  There was no reason why it was installed in its present location.  Sigh.
3) Now that the decision was made to move the fan to the center of the room (i.e., where it's supposed to go, McLazies!), I had to patch up the previous holes.  I like spackle!  Especially because it's pink.  Plus I am a fan of things that change colors.
4) We do remember the ceiling detexturizing debacle of May 2011, right?  Well, as you can see, the ceiling texture was not removed from the ceiling itself, because a) I couldn't reach it at the time and b) there was a ceiling fan in the way.  Now, there was no excuse. So I became a detexturizing, ceiling painting fool.  It was actually quite comical, because while I was doing this, husband was drilling holes into the ceiling can imagine how that went.  I had ceiling in my eyeballs and hair for the remainder of the evening. 

So here's what it looked like when we were done with the prep-work.

Before everything had dried, clearly.
And....the epic finale!  Here's what it looks like now:

Modern, chic, and centered (though it doesn't look like it from this angle on the bed). What more could you ask for?  Nothing, because this fan is gorg.


Amanda said...

So much better!!!! Well worth the work! <3

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