Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kitchen - Before and (Sort-Of) After

So, the kitchen paint is finished!  Let's do a true before and after, eh?


With the dining light removed (it actually didn't look too bad with it) and the window shades put back on!

Before the door and the trim was finished

 Not so great from this angle, but just wait until the next updated photo.  You will be floored.  Trust me.

Please note the lack of ceiling texture in the after photo!

I cannot express to you how disgusting the pantry was (door and interior) in pictures.  The best I can do is above, which can only scratch the surface of disgusting.  After five coats of paint, this is what it looks like:

Not brand new, but definitely a remarkable improvement.  I had to do the door, every shelf, the walls all around, and then do it all over again four more times.  Not fun.

So when Amanda came in and started taping off, she did an awesome job.  But given that I knew I'd be painting the ceilings, I didn't worry about taping up there, since I'd have to touch up anyway, and the ceiling texture is not a tapeable surface in any way.  So once the paint was dry and I did the trim (twice), I had to paint the ceiling.  I don't have a before picture, because you know, it's a ceiling, and in the dark you can't really tell.  But here's a good representation:

See the yellow in the middle?  That's kind of what color it was before.  What was crazy, was that you couldn't really tell it was that color until the white went on.  So yeah.  Oh, and check out that texture!  It's way detexturized sirs and ma'ams. 

So yeah, when I was painting the ceiling, I did end up taping off the wall so I wouldn't get white all over the wall.  Except guess what happened?  It bled through.    And then I still had to paint the green off the ceilings as well:

So I did all of that, and then had the bleed-through, so I had to go back and touch up the green.  Now, in most places, I could have just touched up the blatantly-wrong places, and been done:

Like so.

All fixed!

Except I have this problem with putting my name on something that's not perfect, or at least as close to it as I can do.  I can't in good conscience walk someone into a room and be like, "I painted this!!!!" and have them internally go, "Well there's a spot there, and a spot down there, and one up there that she missed." because that equates to "Wow, meet Taylor McLazy."  So...I was like, Ninja-Touch-Up.  I cut in like a mofo. 


Turned into this:

And this:

Turned into this:

The thing is?  You can only see these changes when you're close up.  I could take a far-off picture of the 'before-touch-up" part and you could be like "There's nothing you need to do.  But when you get up close, you see the minutae of what I did to give it an overall amazing look.  For example:

It didn't look like that before, dude. 

So anyway, I'm not going to post a billion before-and-after-trim-touch-up pics, because I took a million and really?  It was only for my own edification.  The overall picture is just gorgeous, and I'm so proud and excited for company to come over and I can go "look at this room I painted!!!" and people to say internally (and hopefully externally), "Holy Wow, Batman!  This looks professionally done!" And I want future buyers to think the same thing.  I don't want them to come in and be horrified by the quality of paint job, such as we were when we came in here for the first time.  :) other news!  Sneak peak of what we're currently working on:


Lori said...

Are you sure you like the green?

...just kidding!! Seriously, great job and beautiful after the changes!!

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