Monday, May 9, 2011

I love the smell of mold in the morning

Continuing from previous post!

What was husband doing while I was tirelessly slaving over the house Saturday, you may ask?  He was sipping sweet tea and working on "homework".  But seriously, he was working on trigonometry finals prep, so I was not upset.  I would have rather been working on the house than the trig.  But he definitely came through at the end (and by the end, I mean 10pm).  He inspected my work, helped out for about twenty minutes (his muscle helped get the last of the stalactites off), then promptly disappeared.  I, being the curious (and beautiful, don't forget that.  Oh, and humble) lady I am, followed.

We chatted for a bit in the master bath about what we wanted to do with the place.  The previous owners (I am now calling them the McLazies, because they were soooo lazy about pretty much everything pertaining to the house - they would not tape anything off before they painted, for example) pretty much ruined the bathroom.  We noticed that they took out what looked to be a previously-placed medicine cabinet and put a smaller one in, then very lazily slapped up some half-assed sheetrock to cover it up.  They took what looked to be a large mirror off the wall and replaced it with two tiny mirrors.  They tiled the floor in a way that can only be described as "I have these tiles, but they don't fit.  What should I do?  Meh, I'll just put these scraps here instead of cutting the tile to make it look nice."  They also decided to retile the garden tub and, instead of just tiling all the way to the doorframe to the half-bath, they just cut out the frame so they didn't have to cut the tiles. This laziness is no more apparent than when husband decided to start the demolition of said bathroom. At 10:30pm.

Let's show you a before pic, prior to witnessing the demo.  Bonus for pic of the door!

He started with the door to the half-bath.  It had to go, because it seemed the McLazies had a dog that scratched up the door to the point of sheer shreds.  I didn't have time to snap a picture (since he literally just went at the door like that creepy suction thing from the Aliens movies), but at least for reference, you can see the above pic.

Here's what it looked like when he was done.

So, apparently we're getting a new door.  Next, since the frame was jacked anyway, he decided to pull off the tiles.  I believe he anticipated they would come off a few at a time.  Imagine his surprise when they came off like this:

In addition to being monumentally heavy for my ailing-back/non-muscular-arms, it was also hiding a rather large issue...

Yeah.  Husband's assertion was that they found a leak in the bathtub fixtures (evident from the patch in the wall in the half-bath that can be seen in previous pictures), and rather than fixing it and doing the work of getting (the more expensive) water/mold-resistant sheetrock meant for bathrooms, they just put some regular sheetrock up, tiled and grouted, and called it a day.  Win!   Needless to say, the smell of mold was, um, pervasive.

Husband continued working.  May the court recognize that he is NOT WEARING SHOES.  Around shards of tile and god knows what else. 
After an hour or so, the place looked like this:
Witness the hole where the medicine cabinet used to be.
Tiny mirrors are gone!  Ha!
While husband was slaving away (i.e. trying to take my head off with various tools through the wall), I was sanding down the half-bath in prep for paint.  I was also trying to decide on paint.

Terrible light fixture will go away with a quickness, since it gives the whole room a sallow vibe.
 The texture in here seems to be far more overt than even in the other bathroom.  They also thought for some reason that glossy paint somehow looked better.  They were like, really wrong.  It also looks caked on.  Oh, and they didn't bother removing ANYTHING before painting, so there's like, paint all over everything.  The light fixtures, the sides of the cabinets, around the moulding, etc.  Awesome.  So anyway, I'd like to say I'm trying to choose between two colors, but I'm not.  After 10 bucks in paint samples, husband's demolition kind of changes things up.  I want to paint the half-bath the same color as the master bath, and I want the paint to match whatever we do in the master bath.  Therefore, we have to decide on color scheme first which means, more research for me.  Sigh.  Thankfully, I like that part.  :)

More on Sunday's work later!  Now I must go continue renovations. :)


Lori said...

This is amazing! Definitely apparent that this was poorly-done hand-tiled by non-experts. Wow! What an effort by Donny tearing that down. You have done a fantastic amount of work done in a very small amount of time! Brava!

Casey said...

I can't help but chuckle at the whole wall of tile that came off. Amazing!! You both are doing a tremendous job tackling this. Oh and Tay major props on the green!! I love it even if the pictures doesn't do it justice.

Booyah said...

I love that he did that barefoot. You married a rugged fellow for sures. Also, the previous owners? Lazy and GROSS. Who does that?!

The Clarks said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! I'm really excited about the house. And Ms B, I have no idea what the McLazies were thinking. Just wait until you see future pics!!

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