Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneak Peek

So I have no real updates.  I have only dirty sneak peeks!

Since the kitchen completion, I kind of crashed out.  We've been moving the rest of the stuff this week since I have to work this weekend, so we've been trying to get everything moved from the apartment to the house.  Considering most of the house wasn't packed yet......that means that husband spent most of yesterday packing and filling up his truck with stuff while I was at work, and mostly moving by himself.  I met him at the apartment after work to fill up my vehicle, but I didn't bother unpacking it because I had more important things to do.  Namely, taping off the upstairs rooms in preparation for paint.

But see, here's the deal:  With this husband-bartering-his-life-away-for-home-renovations deal, we figured out that we could cut down on a lot of in the costs by doing the demo work ourselves.  Plus, demolition is fun.  We are having new carpet installed, new wood floors, new tile, new granite, the bathroom is getting almost an entire makeover, and all of this is happening quickly.  So we have to rip out the counters/backsplash (where we can), rip out the tile (where we can), rip up the carpet, and paint the rooms upstairs before any of this gets done.  The renovation guy says the order is supposed to go: 1) Granite, 2) Tile 3) Carpet 4) Wood.  But since we elected to trade out the crap tile in the hallway and the newly-discovered-to-be-crappy bedroom carpet for the same wood that is being installed in the living room, we figured we could probably convince him to get the carpet guys to come and put down the new stuff, since it didn't touch any wood or tile (it's only going to be in the upstairs and on the staircase).  So Wednesday morning, we were told "I'll see what I can do."  So I figured last night, I needed to rip up all the carpet and starting painting to prepare for it, just in case he called this morning and was like, "We're coming out Friday" and I had to paint two rooms before they can do the carpet.  Sigh.  So I was freaking out, because not only did I want both coats of paint and the trimwork to be done by the time the carpet guys installed, but I also wanted it done by Saturday, since we'll be having an impromptu guest over and I don't want her to be like, "OMG what is wrong with these disgusting walls". 

Thankfully, husband talked me off the ledge.  He was like, "The carpet guys aren't going to come that quick."  Then he bribed me with Mexican food.  (It works every time.  I'm a sucker for Pappasitos.)  So instead of freaking out, I simply taped off the trim in one of the rooms, we ripped up some carpet (to find some surprisingly-new padding underneath - Score!  Less to have to pay the carpet people for!), and helped unpack.

So here was my one official update, to the master bedroom door:

From this:



And here are my sneak-peeks:

Soon to be featured throughout the downstairs
It's this rich cherrywood-base hickory wood.  Awesome.  Gorgeous.  Looks amazing in this room, looks amazing everywhere else.

This is pretty much exactly what our kitchen will look like.   We're doing an Ubatuba granite...

with this Mirado undermount sink and faucet...

 and diamond-laid tile in the backsplash as shown above.  Our backsplash will be the same tile that will be going on the floor and all throughout the bathroom, but I don't have the exact picture of it.  This floor is as close as I can find, though it has a bit more green in it where the darker elements are below:

If you combine the basic color and the way the tile goes from diagonal to straight in this pic... will have what our tub will look like when we're done.  Gonna be awesome.

We've got the granite guys presently cutting the granite, and it sounds like they'll be finished and installing (fingers crossed) next week.  That means kitchen and bathroom countertops will be done!!  Got lots of work to do before then...


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