Monday, May 23, 2011

And the Move Rolls On

So...I realize I haven't updated in forever.  I'm sorry about that, but there's just been so much to do, both on the house and the apartment.  Chief on that list is packing for The Official Move, which we'd planned for this past weekend.  The problem was, there was a lot of other stuff in our lives that we had to do, so packing kept getting moved down to the bottom of the list.  I didn't want to pack up the kitchen and drag all the stuff over if I was still going to be painting and such (and de-texturing the ceiling, and more painting, and then more painting on top of that, and then having to install shelf liner).  There were a lot of items we couldn't move over yet, for myriad reasons.  But since the internet was set to start on Friday, we decided we'd start our move then. 

Except...Friday was kind of a horrid work day, and husband informs me that he has to work on his car Saturday since that's the only day he'll have help, so...we planned on me packing Friday, working on the house Saturday, then joining up Saturday late afternoon for dinner and a subsequent nap, then waking up in the evening and moving stuff over.  Except it was only going to be the important stuff (like the TV and clothes), because there is another reason:

I may not have blogged it out, but husband is like, ubermechanic.  He is the McGuyver of cars/mechanical items.  He has some guy for whom he is working on a car, and it turns out the guy is a remodeling company owner.  So...they are sort of working out this deal to fix everything we want in the house in exchange for husband-labor.  Awesome.  So...we don't really want to go through all the trouble of moving everything upstairs and into the living room, if the living room and upstairs are getting new carpet/wood, yanno?  We can't really move everything into the garage because one side is housing my Engagement Muscle Car, and the other side is housing...all the home renovation stuff for the bathroom.  No extra room.  For serious.  And PS - this guy was supposed to have been at the house measuring and preparing for installation like, two weeks ago.  The point was to redo the kitchen and the flooring before we moved in, so we didn't have to try to go through all this drama post-move.  But as is the way of contractors in general, he's only just now measuring (as in, he came by today).  Sigh. 

I will blog about our efforts in another post, but I will continue story!  So Friday I packed, Saturday I did trim-work on the kitchen, and some other stuff I've completely forgotten about at this point.  Then husband came home and we had tasty food before napping and beginning our move.  We got finished moving everything in around 11PM, then I started working on putting the fixtures back on the walls in the bedroom while husband put the bed together and set up the TV stuff (having a husband rocks).  We collaborated on putting the blinds back on the bedroom window (because you know we didn't want to be woken up at 7am by the sun, unfiltered as it would have been.  Sun = Evil when working on a house until 2am).  Then husband began his efforts for setting up the internet. 

Yeah.  That didn't go well.

They were supposed to transfer service.  So when on Friday, the internet went out at the apartment, we both assumed that it went on at the house.  Except, no.  After husband went trolling through the attic at midnight and cursing up a storm (it was not pretty) and then went outside to check the box (at nearly 1am, in the dark, with only his cell-phone light to guide him), and I (calmly) went plugging in the DSL box at every available port (to no avail), we came to the conclusion that either the internet guy did something wrong, or we had porting issues (much bigger issue). 

In the effort of continuing the (awesome) story: husband gets on the phone today.  After hours of being transferred back and forth with AT&T, he has discovered that Mr. Internet Tech wanted to get off a few hours early on Friday.  So, despite having told husband that we didn't have to be at the house to turn the service on, he took one half-arsed sweep of the front of the house, couldn't find the box, and decided, "WTF.  I guess I'll just go home." 


Wait, what?

Yes.  So we didn't have service all weekend, at either house, because the tech guy was supremely lazy in addition to being a blatant liar.  And husband gets probably the most ghetto "ladies" (loosely-termed) on the phone today to tell him that no one will come out until Wednesday at the earliest.

Now, husband and I have a good-cop, bad-cop vibe.  I play the understanding, reasonable, level-headed voice of reason.  He plays the "I'm gonna come to your house and chop of your limbs if you don't deliver what you told me you'd deliver under the terms and conditions we agreed upon" hot-head.  It's actually perfect when we work together to fight crime and purchase refrigerators.  However, when he is tasked with speaking with AT&T reps without me?  Things generally don't end well.  And, now that he's armed with the info that the lazy tech blatantly lied to him?  I can only imagine how that conversation went down.  Were I present, it would likely have been enormously entertaining or uncomfortable to behold.  Possibly both.

Short version, after five hours on the phone, he managed to get a tech out today.  That's probably best for all involved.

Back to Sunday!  I painted the ceiling, fixed all my green-paint-on-the-ceiling accidents, and put the last shot of trim on the entire kitchen.  I do not have a reveal picture, because all I have left is touch-ups with the green tonight, and the kitchen will be done!  Yes!!  Reveal pics tomorrow. 

Husband got a friend (the aforementioned DIY-kitchen-remodeler who also just finished completely remodeling his bath into a shower as well) came over to help with the bathroom.  Namely, I convinced husband to install dual shower-heads in the master bath.  HECKYES!!!!!!!  So there was like, soldering, and pipe-purchasing, and other stuff.  Oh, and we finally installed a (temporary) mailbox, so now we may receive mail.  Yes! 

SO, in summary:  We are only partially moved in.  We won't have internet until this afternoon.  We won't have gas in the house (meaning, we won't have hot water for showers) until later this week. So there's going to be a lot of back-and-forth to the apartment for showers/packing/moving over the next week.  Boo/Yay.  But we can now receive mail and we have a supercomfortable bed with a superawesome TV and PS3 and the house is sloooowly starting to come together!!!!


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