Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Word of Advice

I have sage wisdom for you:  Never buy paint samples online.

It seems like a duh.  I know about monitor displays showing slight variations in the colors.  This is why I chose my four colors and then checked them on my monitor at work (different display) and then again on husband's laptop (different computer than my home laptop).  Three different monitors showed three slight variations in color.  From here, I picked my poisons. 

Here were my choices:

Green Energy

What Green Energy really looks like:
Athenian Green

What Athenian Green actually looks like:

Athens Fail.

Geranium Leaf
This is the one I was most excited about, thinking it was going to be the perfect fit.  However, the color is actually closer to:


I was going for a longshot blue-green because of the aforementioned Texas Leather (from the last post), so I chose Cactus Garden.  Witness the Behr color:


Shockingly, this was the only one that actually resembled the original color I wanted - Olive. 
It's still a colormatch-fail though:

 I don't know if it's just a BehrFail or if it's the computer.  It's interesting that the colors I see online (regardless of what computer I use) in NO WAY reflect the actual color.  It leads me to believe that Behr fails in the premade sample department.  Or maybe slapping the paint on the wall is what's going to give me an idea of what these will actually look like.

What's the verdict?  Is it a fail on my monitor display's part, on Behr's part (for mixing wrong), or am I just jumping the gun because the color will actually magically turn into the color it's supposed to turn when I paint with it?


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