Saturday, April 9, 2011

Halpz! - Kitchen Paint

So one of the first place that's getting painted is the kitchen.

Before I start throwing paint colors at you, let me tell you what's going going to happen to this room:

  • The tile's staying.  it's a light tan color
  • The cabinets are most likely remaining this color, though they'll need a good refacing and possible staining when we go in for...
  • The counter tops are getting ripped out.  Like, as soon as I can convince Donny to do it with me.  Wood?  Really?  On top of wood?
  • The backsplash is clearly going away as well.  Die, wood backsplash!  Die!!
  • The appliances will be replaced with stainless steel.  First up will be the fridge, since it's missing currently anyway.
  • Paint.  As in, many coats of.
In terms of counters/backsplash, both husband and I are in love with a friends' DIY kitchen project.

Shout out to Ray and Ashley!
The picture has bad lighting (and was from when they first finished the renovation), but strangely enough, it's virtually exactly the color scheme we want to utilize in our kitchen.  The cabinets and floor are very similarly-colored to ours, and they have stainless steel as well, so we know that the colors all mix well together.

Close-up of the tile and backsplash
When you step into their kitchen, it looks professionally done.  Which is shocking when you find out that he did the counters and backsplash for himself for under 200 bucks.  Total.

So knowing that this is the basic look we want, I propose to you a few color choices for painting.

Given that we aren't changing the color of the living room, I want to pick a color that complements the neutral tan/brown color AND make it a paint color that will sell a house.  Which means, no magenta.  (Darn!!)

A popular paint color right now for kitchens (and bedrooms, and bathrooms) is olive green.  Fortunately, I LOVE this color, particularly when in combination of the above colors (particularly black/stainless appliances and decorations). 
The problem I have with this color is that I have no idea how to find the EXACT color I want.  There are a million shades of olive green, from pale to dark and everywhere in between.  I have the image in my head, but I don't really want to go through twelve samples of paint to find it.  (But I will if I have to.)

Witness other variations of this color:

I love all of them, so I have no idea what color to chose.  The room is large enough that a darker color won't make it feel cramped, but I also don't want to get into the same mess that we're currently in (which is, an overwhelming color).

I am also putting a random nod in to a bud who suggested the below color (called Texas Leather).  I'll be honest, initially I was like, WHOADARK.  But it kind of has grown on me.

So, thoughts?  Any of these colors that you particularly like/think would look great?  Is green a complete thumbs down in your book (and if so, please suggest colors)?


Jessica said...

For help with paint samples, I recommend finding all of the colors that you think are neat at paint stores, taking the samples and taping or sticky tacking them to the wall. Leave them up and let the eliminations happen as you see fit.

Green is supposed to be a really hard color to pick, so take your time.

Love yas!

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