Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sound the trumpets!

We got news back from the mortgage broker that our loan was approved.  We're set for May 5th closing date.  :)

An update to my previous post:  After numerous (awesome) suggestions offline and on the blog, we've decided on white azaleas.  Initially these were said to not grow well in zone 9 but did well in zone 10 (southern Florida), but there are TONS of websites about the Houston area being a thriving zone for azaleas, so this one is a definite thumbs up.  Plus they bloom three times a year, which is great!  I don't want a plant that flowers only in spring.

These look really nice in a row (these are staggered with red/white) along the front of a home, so I can really see bringing these all the way around the front of the house on the left side and if they're cheap enough, planting them around the sides as well.

So thanks for everyone's input!  I'll have a follow-up for the rest of the flowers I'm thinking of planting later.  :)


Booyah said...

Congratulations again! I think white azaleas are a beautiful choice. I'm with you on plants that flower multiple times a year. Way more worth it, in my opinion.

Will you be building me a room over the garage so I can be your Kato?

The Clarks said...

There's already one built for you, girlie! Done. Time to start packing!

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