Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm all in

So after weeks of "I need this, can you submit this, why is that on your bank account? Why is this number different? Why is there a two week gap in your employment history here? Can i please have a blood and stool sample for our records", we're finally finished.  Paperwork is in.  From here on out, we're just waiting on underwriting.

The appraisal went great.  Survey is done.  Literally, we've paid almost all of our money (save final closing costs) and every step of the process is finished.  But we STILL don't know if we'll even get approved.  So I am just sitting here, worrying every day, wondering.

I am trying to stay positive, but with 50+ hour work loads (with really stressful items on my plate), tons of chasing down papers from eons ago to fax off to the mortgage guy, and being questioned on every breath I take along the way, I'm just ready for the process to be over.  Husband and I both are just completely over it.  At this point, despite how much we love the house, if something comes up and we don't get it (the only reason would be that the underwriters were complete jerkfaces), we're both ready to just say "Eff it.  We'll rent."  If we get it, we'll both be very excited, but I just don't have any more energy to devote to the process.  I can't even think about it without my blood pressure growing.

So, you know, send out plenty of positive thoughts our way!  My gut says we'll get it, but I can't focus on it right now.  Feel free to send good tidings our way. 

Thanks to all who are reading this!

PS - New photo from the appraisal, after all the paint is done!


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