Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before Photos - The Master Suite

Onward to the master suite.

I like to call this shade, "Hooker Red."
This room is huge...I mean LARGE.  (And look at that vaulted ceiling!)  Which, essentially, means we're going to spend three cans of Kilz trying to cover this color up. :)

But at least the carpet's in good shape!  But before I progress to my favorite room in the house, I will preamble:

One of the things we loved most about this place was the amount of storage.  Big pantry in the kitchen, lots of storage space in the laundry room (I only have one blurry shot at present), big coat closet and aforementioned stair-closet.  Which brings me to...

The master closet.
I'm not going to post 20 pics of the closet, because I tried from five different angles to accurately illustrate how enormous this thing is, and every picture just made it look like a normal closet.  Suffice to say, you could fit a king size bed in this closet and it would fit.  It's HUGE.  This pic only comprises like, 30% of the closet.

From the second master-bedroom pic (I won't ask you to go back and look, because I understand that the red is probably making your eyes bleed), you'll see that it leads you to the master bath. 

Let me say before I post pics, that the master bathroom and the kitchen are going to be the two largest remodeling jobs we do.  These remodeling ideas will be fully addressed in future posts, so I'll just say that the bathroom is likely going to undergo a complete overhaul.  I think only the tile, the half-bath cabinet and mirror, and the main bath cabinets are going to stay...and that's only an "I think" statement.  The elusive-animal-which-we-think-was-a-dog has torn up the edges of the cabinets in such a way that they may need to be replaced, and if they get replaced, so does the tile.  :\  But that's a post for another time!  Pictures!

The master-bath counter/cabinets/lack-of-mirror area.
It needs more work than you can see from the photos. The master tub is disgusting.  I don't believe we'll be using it until it's replaced.

It's not supposed to be that color.
To the left of this photo, you can see light streaming in.  That's from a patio door.  No, I'm not kidding.  Thank goodness the door falls behind the gate. 

To the right of the above photo, you can see a badly-beaten folding door.  That is going to be heading to the junkyard very quickly.  If you head through the beaten door, you will come to this half-bath location:

Other than paint and a new toilet, this area doesn't really need any work.  But wait!  If this is the half-bath...then that means....yep!  You guessed it!  Our master bath also doubles as a guest bath.  It may sound bad, but it's positioned in a way that really works.  I actually kind of dig this setup.


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