Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before Photos - Downstairs

You see now why I love this house, right?  Because, wow.  And it looks great from far away!
Looking toward the kitchen and, theoretically, dining area.
It definitely needs a new paint job, though.  These kind of scratches are seen throughout the home.  We suspect a dog shared the home with the previous owners.
Love the window seat-esque area.  Don't love the view, and the hanging light's gotta go.
Looking from the living room toward the front door. 
 We're lucky that the living room floors have been recently laid with wood laminate, and it's in great shape, despite our suspicion of dog.  There are only a few spots in the corners where it looks like the installer didn't quite know what to do with the extra space, and didn't have the time/ability to cut a tiny piece of laminate to seal that spot.  It's definitely not noticeable unless you're a perfectionist (husband), or looking for imperfections. 

The tile in the kitchen and bathrooms is in good shape as well, but there are a few "interesting" tiling options in less-conspicuous areas.  Witness the tile in the back corner of the under-stairs storage space.


Onward to the kitchen!


 Yep.  That's magenta.  Yep, that's 1978-era fake-wood countertops.  No, you aren't having a nightmare.

I kid you not, that light?  Comes to my chest.
The pantry is visible in the above photo, and it's actually quite large...

It's also kind of gross.  Please to paint now!

The pics don't even do it justice.


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