Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Tickets to Sheet-Rock Town!

As mentioned in my previous post, I have some free time off work with the holidays coming up, and if Husband and I don't end up going on an unplanned vacation for New Years (which, let’s be honest, is not out of the question), my intent is to spend this time off gardening.  I haven't had a lot of time to garden in recent weeks, given the weekends have been filled with trips to other cities (and states) to visit family and friends, and after work is impossible given I’m home well after dark.  I’d planned on getting started on the gardening for this weekend (since I have a three-day weekend off – thanks, Christmas!), but something kind of awesome and exciting has come up:

We just got the bathroom sheet-rocked and re-textured.

That means finally being able to paint!!  Yay!  I love painting.  I had been sitting on my paint colors for about three months, waiting for us to drum up the money (or more accurately, be bothered to call someone to come out) to get it finished.  We found an awesome guy who, unlike all of the other sheetrock guys we called, actually showed up when he said he would, and did a fine job.

To prep for his arrival, we had to rip out the door-frame that led from the powder room to the main bath, and we decided that while we liked the chair rail, it didn't go with the rest of the house (as there was not another chair rail anywhere else in the entirety of the house...why is it in the powder room?), so we ripped it out as well.  (And by "we", I mean Husband.)

Let’s have a little reminder of how it used to look, for all of those who’ve (understandably) forgotten:

Missing medicine cabinet that needs to be filled in

Above you can see where the door-frame and chair rail were removed, as well as the spot where the McLazies "fixed" the wall
So to sum up, we needed to fill in the hole where the medicine cabinet was removed, have the wall behind the bathtub/just right of the toilet repaired (see above), fix the area where we removed the door between the powder room and the main bathroom, and texture the ceiling and wall where Husband replaced the bathtub with the shower setup (no pictures of before, sorry!).

Because he’d have to texture the walls where he made repairs, we elected to just have him re-texture all of the walls.  This worked for me, because the wall texture was remarkably different between the two rooms.  The main bathroom area had almost no texture whatsoever (which I liked), but the powder room had that same horrifying, will-cut-your-hand-if-you-touch-it texture.  Even after I spent eons sanding it down, it was still pretty hard core and looked bad.  So he re-textured it all with a nice stomp-grind.  Here are the results:

The powder room

More powder room

Powder room, mirror side
The walk-through
Walk-through from the main bath
Medicine cabinet no more!

Shower-area ceiling retexture

Now you may have noticed something special here in the previous picture.  This was my favorite part of this whole process...the ceiling was retextured too!!

A better picture of the ceiling and wall together

I literally cannot express my joy enough at this ceiling.  SO EXCITING!  It was like Christmas morning when I walked in and saw that the horrible semi-gloss and stalactite ceiling was gone, and replaced with it was this beautiful, evenly-coated ceiling.  Pure joy, y'all.

We put a coat of primer on last night (Husband helped, and it cut down on the completion time considerably), which I will post pictures of tomorrow.  Tonight, if all goes well, I will be putting the first coat of official paint on!  Yay!

Stay tuned for primer shots!


Milliscent Morgan said...

Awesome! I like the wall but it much better if you use glass doors coz it adds the beauty of the house.

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